NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Awards   The NZIA Graphisoft Award acknowledges and showcases design excellence in students of architecture.

The NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award Programme acknowledges design excellance for students of architecture in all  years of study.


The New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) has sponsored the annuall 5th year Student Design Awards programme for more than ten years, the last six of them in partnership with Graphisoft.


Awards and prizes are also given to  Students in Years 1-4  of their architectural studies at  each  School of Architecture in New Zealand

The top student at each school in years 1-4 receives a prize of $1,000.00. In addition there are three other prizes of $500.00 for each school in each of these years. These prizes are presented at the Universities' own prizegiving ceremonies.

Award for the top Student of architecture in New Zealand - at 5th Year

This competition  brings together the top four projects  from each of New Zealand's three schools of architecture. This award is given to the top project  across New Zealand.

Four projects are selected from each of the three schools of architecture: University of Auckland, UNITEC - Department of Architecture , and Victoria University of Wellington. Selection is based on a design project undertaken by all students of architecture in their final  year of study.

Each of the twelve finalists presents their project to a panel of Judges who then assess each project and determine the top student of architecture in New Zealand,  who receives a $5,000.00 prize. Two Highly Commended Prizes are also awarded.  All three students are invited to Australia to meet with Australian Architects and view their work.

The NZIA Student Design Awards are proudly sponsored by Graphisoft New Zealand.

PDF of the 2013 NZIA Graphisoft 5th Year Student Design Awards booklet.

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PDF of the 2012 NZIA Graphisoft 5th Year Student Design Awards booklet.