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Become a Graduate Member

Congratulations! You’ve graduated from a New Zealand School of Architecture (or hold qualifications relevant to future registration as an architect). Welcome to the profession. By becoming a graduate member the New Zealand Institute of Architects can help you on your architectural journey.

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The NZIA especially values its graduate members. You are the future of a great profession, and the NZIA wants your future to be successful, purposeful and fulfilling. The NZIA offers significantly discounted membership in recognition that early graduate careers and finding projects for initial registration isn’t easy.

Why become a Graduate member?

Architecture offers a number of rewards to talented and focused graduates. If you want to become registered – and that is a good idea, because you can't call yourself an architect until you are registered – the NZIA can help.

For architecture graduates, the NZIA is a gateway to the local and international architectural community. By joining the NZIA, you become connected to a nationwide professional network of 3,500+ members – 900 of them architecture graduates – and access to forums, conferences, professional development seminars and other events.

NZIA practice notes are available (free of charge for 12 months) on the NZIA’s website for both study and work purposes, and members can get free advice from our in-house practice services manager.

There are other benefits as well:

  • You’re entitled to use the term “NZIA Graduate Member” after your name.
  • You’re eligible for significant discounts to the NZIA’s Continuing Professional Development seminar and events.
  • You’ll be notified about upcoming presentations, seminars, competitions, NZIA initiatives and other events.
  • You’ll receive the NZIA’s weekly bulletin, with news of current events and issues.
  • You’ll also receive a free subscription to Architecture NZ magazine.

As a member of the NZIA you can be involved in the activities of your local branch. The NZIA has eight branches, covering the whole country; the branches run the Local Architecture Awards programme, host speakers and run seminars and exhibitions. They also look for ways to engage with the public on architectural issues, and to raise awareness of the importance of good design in New Zealand’s towns and cities.

You can also make your voice heard by contributing to submissions to local and national government, or affect the urban design of your town or city.

Who can join? 

The NZIA Council may admit to Architecture Graduate Membership any person who is graduated to hold a degree, diploma or certificate course recognised by Council and is approved by Council and is demonstrably on the path to becoming a Registered Architect. Graduate membership will be reviewed by Council after a 5 year period to ensure that members continue to comply with this Rule. To access the discounted graduate rate, five years post degree you must be able to demonstrate that your registration as an architect is imminent (e.g. date set for initial registration, confirmed case study, letter from employer, etc).


Architecture Graduate Member Yr 1-5 — January-December: $181.78 (incl. GST)

Architecture Graduate Member Yr 6-10+ — January-December: $181.78 (incl. GST)**

Allied Professional Member — January-December: $491.32 (incl. GST)

Architecture Graduate Member Overseas — January-December: $158.07

Architecture Graduate Yr 1-9, Career Break — January-December: $99.17 (incl. GST)

All membership applications must be formally approved by the NZIA Council, which meets four times a year. However, once your initial membership submission has been accepted and paid, you will be able to access the full range of member benefits.

Should you not be pursuing registration as an architect, the member rate will be equal to that of an architect member and you will be recognised as an Allied Professional member.

** You must be able to demonstrate that initial registration as an architect is imminent.

Please note:

Formal resignation in writing is required for members to discontinue NZIA membership.  No refunds will be given on notice of resignation. The NZIA does not supply magazines. Any magazines received by NZIA members are supplied by the magazine publishers.

Initial registration as an architect takes time and during this time your life circumstances might change (e.g. become a parent, career, career break). The architectural graduate, career break recognises this and can only be used once.

Please advise the NZIA if your contact details change at any time. If you need help with your membership please contact Ali Ruggles on 09 623 6080 or


Am I eligible?

Architecture Graduate membership is available to any person approved by the NZIA Council who holds a recognised degree, diploma or certificate course and is demonstrably on the way to becoming an architect member.

How long can I be a graduate member for?

Graduate memberships are reviewed by the NZIA Council every five years to ensure each person is continuing towards the goal of becoming an architect member.

What are the benefits?

Graduate members benefit from access to the NZIA APL Registration Programme, which is organised in conjunction with the New Zealand Registered Architects Board, a part of the process by which full registration can be achieved. The programme includes pre-registration training, workshops, seminars and a Continuing Professional Devevlopment (CPD) programme.