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Finalist – Ayla Raymond-Roberts

Ayla Raymond-Roberts.

Photo by David St George

Ayla Raymond-Roberts, from the University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning, was a finalist in the 2017 NZIA Central Innovation Student Design Awards for her project 'Muryo Jitaku'.

Project description

This study counters the assumption that higher-density built environments require high- or mid-rise construction while also responding to a common trope of New Zealand’s housing stock; that is, despite being large, our homes aren’t designed with careful regard to the changing circumstances of their occupants. Through the investigation of the alternative forms of detached dwelling that could exist in the interstitial spaces between existing suburban houses, a new housing typology, flexible enough to cater to the needs of occupants at various life stages, has been designed.



Ayla’s scheme addressed two topical issues: the wastefulness and excess of our inherited suburban housing models, and the need to produce housing that responds to changing family circumstances. The clever scheme beautifully realised and excellently presented, and featured impressive attention to detail.

2017 Student Architecture Awards