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Finalist – Stacey Mountfort

Stacy Mountfort.

Photo by David St George

Stacey Mountfort, from the Victoria University of Wellington School of Architecture, was a finalist at the 2017 NZIA Central Innovation Student Design Awards for her project 'Transient Crossings'.

Project description

In today’s media-rich world, life is more and more often experienced through screens and images. We have become spectators in a world mediated by images rather than embodied in the physical world, and architecture has become an art of the printed image rather than a palpable experience. This design investigation asks how the embodied experience of space can be intensified through the articulation of light, form and materiality. From small and medium-scale investigations, which test strategies in colour, form and materiality, a large-scale concept for a dance and drama precinct was developed that connects Victoria University of Wellington with the city.  


This broad, immersive study takes its first steps in abstract landscape watercolours before moving up in scale to large buildings that aim to stitch together the urban fabric between Wellington’s university and city. In her ambition to enliven the experience of architecture, Stacey has found delight in light and form, and revels in the juxtaposition between material delicacy and mass.

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