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Highly Commended – LiWen Choy

LiWen Choy.

Photo by David St George

LiWen Choy, from the University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning, was highly commended for his project, 'Architectonic of Loneliness'.

Project description

The Architectonic of Loneliness employs a narrative script – provided by readings of Haruki Murakami’s After Dark – as the point of departure for design exploration. The various sequences of events were first story-boarded, before a system of invented notations was applied to transcribe phenomenological events into architectural elements. In the filmic study a wall becomes a texture of lust, a door transforms into the geometry of terror, windows are the surfaces of longing, and dining tables the extrusions of loneliness.


In his ambitious, sensitive and very well-realised project, LiWen explored the temporal and personal experience of architectural spaces. Not only that, he expressed the experience of the same spaces from the perspectives of two people involved in a close relationship. Using several media, and a bespoke notation system, LiWen produced a compelling and sophisticated response to the challenge of expressing a multi-dimensional narrative.

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