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Finalist: Marianne Calvelo


Mad Women: a Contemporary Architectural Translation of Domesticity by Marianne Calvelo, University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning.

This project – a proposed headquarters for Architecture + Women NZ – is sited within Auckland’s St. Kevin’s Arcade, on Karangahape Road. Mad Women is an investigation of how a contemporary translation of domesticity is being negotiated today. It recognises the developing conflation of the domestic realm and the workplace – historically viewed in spatial opposition – analyses the position of women in the architectural profession operating within this blurred condition, and traces the development of an alternative framework of dynamic and flexible workspaces that are explored through a multi-layered drawing process.


One of Auckland’s much-loved buildings, St. Kevin’s Arcade, is reinterpreted as the headquarters for Architecture + Women NZ. The result is a genuine alternative to conventional workspace, with cleverly integrated children’s play areas and flexible gathering rooms. The whole is intimate and intricate.

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