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Terms and conditions

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1.0 Term of Membership

Individual Memberships of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) are based on the calendar year.  Subscriptions are due on 1 January each year.  The full annual fee for new members is payable if joining up until 1 July each year.  A six-month rate applies when joining outside this period.  Contact the Membership Services Coordinator should you have any questions on membership rates, or 09 623 6080.

2.0  Payment of Member Subscriptions

Subscriptions are due for payment by 1 January.  If payment has not been received 1 March, the members account may be put on hold.  Members so affected will be advised in writing.  If payment has not been received by 30 April the membership may be lapsed and again, members so affected will be advised in writing.

3.0 Resignation of membership

Individual memberships are based on the calendar year. Any member may resign from the membership by informing the Chief Executive in writing and paying all subscriptions and any other monies due to the Institute. 

The resignation of a Member does not take effect until a resolution to that effect has been passed by Council. 

Any request to resign should be sent to

Refunds or partial refunds may be given under certain circumstances.  Please contact the Membership Services Coordinator to discuss on 09 972 1202 or

4.0  Refund Policy 

Payments for documents and other items will not be refunded. An exception is when a Member who has a practice membership buys documents under their individual membership instead of their practice membership.  Where an incorrect document is purchased NZIA will allow an exchange, provided notification to NZIA is made within 24 hours of receiving the document(s). 

Refunds for catered events can only be given up until five working days prior to event (unless specified elsewhere). NZIA must be notified in writing by this date or no refund will be given.

Upon booking and paying for an event on the website, you may either transfer to the livestream option for the seminar if you are unable to attend a seminar in person, or cancel that paid booking and receive a refund up until the day before the event is held.  Please contact the Events & Office Administrator in writing,, providing your bank account details for the refund.  If you are unable to attend and have not notified the NZIA in writing the day before the event is held, no refund will be given. 

4.1  Refund Policy in:situ NZIA Conference

A request for cancellation must be made in writing to the Institute at All refund requests must be emailed 5 working days before the event date. Compassionate considerations will be made at the discretion of the Institute. Should you be unable to attend the conference, your ticket can be transferred to a substitute delegate as long as they are of the same membership type or price (e.g. Architect/Affiliated). If the substitute delegate is not of the same membership type, you will be required to pay the difference between the rates. Any substitute requests must be made 48 hours before the event date.

5.0  Payment Options

We recommend making payment using our online real-time Credit Card option.  Visa and Mastercard cards will be accepted but not Diners or Amex.  This means that your payment is fully handled at the time of placing your order. The website integrates a hosted DPS solution.  DPS is considered to be New Zealand's most popular 3rd party payment gateway provider, whose solutions are recommended by all leading banks in New Zealand. This process sees your credit card details will be entered into the DPS secure webpage. After details have been entered you will then be taken back to the NZIA website. The NZIA does not store or sight your credit card details in any way during or after this process. 

Alternately you may pay by Polipay at the time of making your purchase or seminar booking.  If you choose to pay by Polipay you will be directed by the website to the Polipay gateway and your nominated bank account will be debited with the cost of the purchase.  A receipt will be emailed to you for your e-shop transaction. 

6.0  Delivery 

Orders for physical items will typically be delivered by post, but the NZIA may at its discretion choose to use a courier service where this is more appropriate. The delivery fee is included within the item price where the delivery address is within New Zealand.  International orders may incur additional fees to cover delivery costs. In this case the purchaser will be contacted before the items are dispatched.

7.0  Currency 

All values on items for sale on this website are shown in New Zealand dollars. For New Zealand customers, the amounts are always GST inclusive. For international customers, there is no tax and items are sold for the value shown. Any additional charges incurred for whatever reason, such as customs charges or delivery fees, are at the cost of the purchaser.

8.0  Member benefit program

Note that in the event of a lapse or cancellation of membership the Institute reserves the right to notify any business alliances of the lapse or cancellation so that lapsed or cancelled members cannot continue to take advantage of the benefits offered by such alliances and reserved solely for Institute members. 

9.0  Photography at Institute events

We may, on occasion, photograph/video events, and images may be used in, but not limited to, Institute promotional materials, social media and website. If you, or the person you are booking on behalf of, do not grant the release of your image, please contact the event organiser. 

At the event, if photography is being taken, you have the right to not have your image used by the Institute. If you do not wish to have your image used, please contact the event organiser.