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Welcome and thank you for choosing to be a member of the New Zealand Institute of Architecture

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Practice Description

In the annual Directory of NZIA Practices (printed in the March/April edition of ArchitectureNZ magazine and as a booklet), there is a note of maximum twenty words (any more will be omitted) to describe your Practice. This description is also used when displaying your practice details on this site.

Practice Size

How many people in total are employed in your office for more than 15 hours per week (including non-architectural staff supporting the architectural activity, i.e. accounts, reception)?


Required for membership consideration and renewal.

To become an NZIA Practice, an NZIA Architect Principal of this Practice must accept the declaration below.
Please read this form carefully and indicate that you understand the NZIA Practice Rule by ticking the box.

This Practice will strive to ensure that it is competent to deal effectively with duties undertaken and maintain and extend its competence.
This Practice will have architecture as its core business or a core component of it and a Principal will be an NZIA Architect Member.
All Architect Principals of this Practice will be NZIA Architect Members and all architectural work will be the responsibility of an NZIA Architect.
This Practice will undertake continuing education and training.
This Practice will accept peer review in the event of a complaint which has been upheld.

I/We declare that my statement is a true account of my/our professional education and experience.

If admitted to membership, I/we agree to comply with the Rules and Ordinances and to accept the rights, privileges, duties, responsibilities, obligations and liabilities set forth in the Rules.

I/We understand that my/our membership may be reclassified upon registration or given any other factor that may affect my/our membership category.